Be a Force of Nature

Marsha Low, Weavers Way Environment Committee

Having a designated Earth Day every year certainly helps us focus on environmental issues. But we truly need to keep the Earth and our environment in our minds — and included in our actions — every day of the year. This is particularly important at the present time, with global warming gathering speed, and with our present leadership (or non-leadership) in Washington. With, for example, a man like Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA (he recently acknowledged that climate change is happening, but said it might be good for us), activism is paramount.

So, along with trying to live more sustainable lives — through recycling, composting and reducing the use of plastics and single-use containers; planting gardens with food crops and also natives that support butterflies, bees and birds; and cutting back personal energy use ­— consider making it a habit to contact your elected representatives to express concern over issues that threaten the environment, such as the construction of gas and oil pipelines; fracking; the opening up of our coastlines and public lands to drilling and mining; and the rollback of sensible, effective environmental regulations. Take to task the politicians who are in the pockets of the polluters, but thank those who stand up for clean air and water and against the tide of anti-environmental actions coming from Washington. And if you’re in a position to, consider running for office yourself!