Filly, Filly — with Reusables from Home & the Co-op

Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

A selection from the Bulk Department in Ambler.

Mason jars make everything look better — from flowers to grains to beans to marbles — and they’re available in abundance in Mt. Airy and Ambler to spruce up your environs. Both stores carry an assortment of sizes and multipacks, some in blue glass.

Ambler has Kilner clip-top jars (25 ounce, 74 ounce, and 1.05 liter), and Le Parfait jars with seals in six sizes. There are honey jars (including a honey bear) from Fillmore and spice jars from Frontier. For an extra decorative splash, head for the General Merchandise section for colored mini jars with corks. Mt. Airy also stocks spice jars from Frontier and RSVP, including one-ounce wide-mouth bottles. And to top off that bulk hostess gift, pick up some fancy cloth canning-jar covers, also found on Carpenter Lane.

For oils, vinegars, kombucha and other liquids, Ambler and Mt. Airy offer bottles with peasant handles, clip-tops, spouts and screw tops from Down 2 Earth, Woozie, Quadra, Bormioli, Sviglia and Bellisima. Of course, both stores carry growlers for kombucha — Mt. Airy just brought in a gallon jug. And The Incredible Bulk also stocks 2-ounce brown glass bottles and (shudder) plastic 4-ounce and 8-ounce squeeze bottles.

Does the whole Bulk Buying process bewilder you? Read the accompanying article. Especially for Earth Day weekend, we’ll have a couple of our devoted Working Members in Ambler to help. And of course, any Weavers Way staffer can give you an assist.

Once you go bulk, you’ll never go back.

Props to all who dutifully save their bread bags and bring their own condiment jars from home. Extra props to those who bring their reusable containers to the hot bar, salad bar or the $4 Friday Dinners in Ambler. The Earth thanks you, and so does the Co-op.