Staff Celebrity Spotlight: Sean Reilley

Job: Assistant Produce Manager, Ambler

Age: 25

Where He’s From: Ambler, about five blocks from the Co-op

Where He Lives Now: Ambler, with his girlfriend, Natalie, and their cat, Zubie, and chameleon, Khallie.

How He Got to the Co-op: He was looking to move back to Ambler after living in Brewerytown for several years and working in produce at the Whole Foods near the Art Museum. An acquaintance mentioned that Weavers Way was opening a new store in Ambler, and he applied.

A Little More Background: He’s a 2010 graduate of Wissahickon High School and has an associate degree from Montgomery County Community College in liberal arts. He worked in an electronics store during college.

What He’s Learned on the Job: “Here there’s a lot more maintenance required, because we maintain a large selection of everything, and it has to stay nice all day . . . we have to really check through, cull and make sure things look good all the time.”

Outside Pursuits: Skateboarding, mountain biking, hiking.

Favorite Co-op Products: A lot of the Field Day line, local apples and meat. “I pretty much exclusively shop here at this point, which has been awesome.”

A little Co-op Love: “I’d been working at a corporation in some form or another my whole life, and I always knew I wanted something more personal. . . . The co-op model almost takes it to another level, because everyone you see around you is an owner. It’s really cool how there’s no shadowy figures at the top that are reaping the benefits of everything you’re doing. It’s, like, the people you know around you.”

— Karen Plourde