Cooperator of the Month: Megan Hess

Joined Weavers Way: 1979.

Lives in: Mount Airy, with husband Sid Cook.

Why they joined: “We moved to Mount Airy, and we were really buying into the whole community spirit here. It was really nice shopping together with like-minded people who were our neighbors.”

Former job: She recently retired from teaching lower school at Germantown Friends. She previously taught at Plymouth Meeting Friends.

Family facts: She and her husband, Sid, have two adult children, Kiri and Custer.

Why they’re Working Members: “I really like the feeling that I’m part of the Co-op community, and also, working with other people is one of my favorite ways to relate to other people.”

Co-op job history: Bulk packing, deli, organizing shelf tags for the point-of-sale department. “For a long time, I would go in and organize the member cards, back when we used to have 5-by-8 cards in drawers by the cashiers. I even did truck unloading for a while, when I was much younger.”

Favorite Co-op products: Michele’s tofu tahini, Prepared Foods tabouli (“Which I love to put together in a pita”), ciabatta rolls, Zsa’s ice cream sandwiches, bulk spices and single pickles from the deli. She estimates they do about 75 percent of their shopping at Weavers Way.

A little Co-op love: “It’s part of our neighborhood. I love Mt. Airy for the reason that lots of people share my values, and I feel like the Co-op shares my values, too. It feels good to be able to support a place that is doing some good in the world.”

— Karen Plourde