Change You Can Believe In: We're Lowering Prices!

You’ve heard it other places before, but we really mean it — we’re lowering prices on lots of everyday items at all three stores. Credit the reductions to sourcing better costs from new distributors and increased efforts to price in line with competitors.

As an example, here are a few of many dairy products that are now reduced (former price in parentheses):

Cabot Butter 1 lb. $4.99 ($6.49)
Philadelphia Original Cream,Cheese 8 oz. bar $2.99 ($3.69)
Miyoko’s Creamery Organic Vegan Cultured Butter 8 oz. $5.99 ($6.69)
Cabot Cheeses 8 oz. $3.99 ($4.99)
Treeline Herb Garlic Nut Cheese 6 oz. $6.99 ($9.69)
Brown Cow Whole Milk Yogurts 5.3 oz. $0.99 ($1.15)
Chobani Greek Yogurts 5.3 oz. $1.29 ($1.69)
Merrymead Half & Half 16 oz. $2.29 ($2.69)

See "Check It Out!" for news of lower prices on salmon, chicken and more in Ambler. And keep checking our shelves — even more lower prices are coming soon!