Check It Out: More Meat, Chicken and Fish Options

Karen Plourde, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

Alex Lavelle and Ambler Meat & Seafood Manager Aleem Smallwood show off the new meat selections.

Finds for the Furry and Feathered

A brand new floor (and more!) in Mt. Airy

The Mt. Airy pet department has gotten a fresh reset with a new floor, an updated layout, and expanded food offerings. Customers love the new spacious, warm and bright feel of the store, and everyone’s excited about the addition of a fish tank to add a little life and color.

We’ve expanded on food brands such as Fromm, Zignature, and Open Farm because of their superior quality and attention to locally-owned small business. As an added incentive, they offer frequent buyer programs, with cards available in store. To meet your needs, our staff is also always available to set up a preorder for items you are looking for outside of what we have on the floor.

CBD-infused products have gotten increasingly popular for animals, to help relieve their anxiety and support pain management. We’ve chosen to stock items from Super Snouts Hemp Co. of Reno, NV. Their products are veterinarian formulated, and their Colorado and Kentucky-grown hemp products are free of GMOs, pesticides and herbicides. We’ve gotten wonderful feedback from our customers on their oil extracts and chews.

Stop by soon to see what’s new.

—Alexandra DeFilipo

Meat & Fish Market

Ambler increases its chicken and beef options, and adds sustainable salmon.

In recent months, we’ve worked to identify meat and fish choices that are lower priced, yet still ethically sourced. For now, they’re available only in Ambler, where case space is greatest. You can find many of the items in Ambler now, but some of the products listed below might not be on the shelf until April 10. Watch for upcoming sale prices, too!

Here’s the lineup:

  • Nature’s Sensation Chicken free range, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed

Boneless skinless breasts $4.99/lb.

Boneless skinless thighs $3.99/lb.

  • Oasis Chicken halal, antibiotic free

Whole chicken $2.49/lb.

  • Farmer Focus Organic Chicken free range, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed

Whole chicken $3.49/lb.

Boneless skinless breasts $8.99/lb.

Boneless skinless thighs $5.99/lb.

* Note: Family packs of chicken are 50 cents less per pound

  • Certified Angus Beef USDA Prime

London Broil $6.99/lb.

Top round steak $7.49/lb.

Top sirloin $12.99/lb.

Ground beef $4.99/lb.

In addition to the expanded meat choices, Ambler has also brought in Jail Island salmon fillet $12.99/lb. It’s native to the Northeast Atlantic, and raised in Canada by a family-owned company.