What Do I Do with This: Ground Sumac (Available in Ambler & Mt. Airy)

Kieran McCourt, Weavers Way Ambler

Common use: Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s used as a table spice, and is a major component of za’atar (a spice blend that also incorporates coarse salt, thyme, and sesame seeds).

Flavor: Acidic, tart, citrusy

Allergy concerns: It’s in the same family as cashews and mangoes, so if you have a sensitivity to either, don’t use it.


  • Part of a dry rub or in a marinade, especially for fish or lamb
  • In fattoush (a Lebanese chopped salad dressed in lime vinaigrette) and on grilled or roasted veggies
  • On hummus, warmed chickpeas, potatoes or even popcorn for an added kick
  • Combined with ground black pepper for an offbeat spice blend
  • (Suggested ratio: 1/3 pepper: 2/3 sumac — adjust to taste)
  • In an infused simple syrup, (add cherries if desired for sweetness)

Note: If you’re foraging for fresh sumac, the non-poisonous variety has red berries!