Sunrise Movement Reps Visit Philly, Shed a Light on Their Plans

Simon O’Connor, for the Shuttle

Youth representatives of the Philadelphia hub of the climate change activist group Sunrise Movement described their movement and its objectives at a March 12 informational session at Mt. Airy Nexus sponsored by Weavers Way.

About 50 attendees, many of them Co-op members, gathered for the event, which also featured representatives from Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks and Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light.

The Sunrise Movement, which began in 2017, aims “to build an army of young people to fight climate change and create thousands of jobs in the process.” To accomplish this, the movement is building “people power” and political power. By “people power,” the speakers were referring to the support and action of regular people, because everyone needs to take action if we want to escape from the hole that our society has dug itself into.

In addition to popular support, it is necessary to gain political power, the speakers said. They believe the country needs politicians who are active supporters of the movement, and who will make fighting climate change a top priority because of its critical effect on our planet.

The third aim of the movement is to implement the Green New Deal. The measure’s goals include attaining 100% clean energy by the year 2030, investing in communities on the frontlines of poverty and pollution, and guaranteeing a good job to anyone ready to fight climate change.

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Simon O’Connor is a freshman at Central High School.