Letter: Chives Talkin'


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I have noticed a loss of a specific product at Weavers Way — dried chives. I know that I can grow them, and I can buy them fresh in the Co-op’s fresh herbs section. However, dried chives have been a staple in my cupboard forever! Frontier chives have suddenly not been available for many months now, and they’re not even available on the grocery shelf in the little, more expensive bottles.

I’ll look in the supermarket on my next trip to see if they are there. I get perhaps 90% of my household supplies and food supplies from Weavers Way and want to keep it that way. Can you see if there is someone who can tell me what has happened to dried chives? I know that Norman will tell me in his ever-so-humorous way to grow and dry my own, but that is just not a chore on my To Do list. Anyway, I wonder if perhaps their loss is anything to do with climate change or war in the Middle East.

— Barbara Granger