Five Sustainable Things from Weavers Way Mercantile

  1. Native plants — They need less water, fertilizer & pesticides, and they support pollinators. Dozens of varieties available.
  2. A hori hori knife — Sheathed and all, from Barebones Living of Salt Lake City. A Japanese multipurpose tool for digging, cutting and trenching. It even has a bottle opener!
  3. Reference Guides — On gardening, edible wild plants, and natural pest control, among others. Get the who/what/where on how to.
  4. Workshops — On canning, fungal allies, herbal support, and much more. Many ask for a sliding scale donation; some are free. Check our online events calendar for a rundown.
  5. A complete mason jar fermentation kit — From Masontops of Toronto. Includes four pickle pipes — their signature one-piece, waterless airlock.