Why I Give

Food Moxie interns Juli Van Santen, top, and Jessica Nevins are graduate students in public health.

Juli Van Santen

This past year I have been working to complete a Master of Public Health degree at Arcadia University. I am originally from Canada, and decided to move to Philadelphia to enroll in Arcadia’s dual-degree program combining public-health and physician-assistant studies. I have always been passionate about helping those who reside in underserved communities. Prior to starting my internship at Food Moxie, I had experience working with underserved populations, as a volunteer providing medical relief to Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. Food Moxie’s Hope Kitchen program at Stenton Family Manor really stood out to me because of the work being done to enhance the health of residents through nutrition education and hands-on experience with cooking healthier meals. Being a part of the Hope Kitchen program has allowed me to see firsthand the impact such a program has on the health and knowledge of participants. Working alongside Nutrition Education Associate Mercelyne Latortue has been such a pleasure, and I have learned so much about public health that I can carry forth in my career as a physician assistant and public health professional. 

Jessica Nevins 

I am currently an intern at Food Moxie. I am originally from New Jersey, but recently moved to Philadelphia to enroll in the dual-degree Master of Public Health/Physician Assistant program at Arcadia University. I have always had an interest in community health and health disparities, which is what sparked my interest in pursuing a public-health degree. From the beginning of my time here at Food Moxie, it seemed like the perfect fit. I was raised in a family that values locally grown produce and cooking, so I was especially drawn to the organization’s focus on empowering people to be healthy through its nutritional programs. I also have a passion for working with students, which has easily been the highlight of my experience. I have learned so much working alongside Youth Coordinator Tara Campbell, and feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to work at such an incredible organization!