You Can Recruit More Weavers Believers!

Bill Dingfelder, Weavers Way Membership Guest Columnist

As a Weavers Way member, you’re well-positioned to recruit new members — new Weaver Believers. Like this:

Your friend: I’m so tense. Just when I start to think it can’t get worse, the next day brings a new outrage. I try to change things, but it can be maddening sometimes.

You: But activism isn’t just national — it can be local, too. Weavers Way is a great way to start, and it is totally stress-free.

Your friend: Don’t you have to be a member to shop Weavers Way, like a secret club?

You: No, anyone can shop at Weavers Way, and you’d be surprised how many friends you’d see there, how many unusual foods or personal products you can buy and how much fun it is.

Your friend: It’s expensive to join, isn’t it?

You: Not at all. It costs just $30 a year, or a total of $400, to become a member, and that equity makes you an owner. Look, if you invest in a big company, you don’t have much power to make their policies reflect your values. When you’re a member of Weavers Way, you can qualify for discounts, get cash back, make special orders and get home delivery, and so much more. You can speak up and have input in store selections, Co-op policies and anything else you wish — It’s democracy at its best. You can vote for the Board of Directors or even run yourself. And if you ever leave Weavers Way, you can get your equity back. You can’t lose! 

The only thing better is becoming a Working Member. If you volunteer at Weavers Way, you qualify for additional discounts, you get to know the staff and you become a hands-on member of the Weavers Way community. 

Your friend: Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of free time.

You: It’s a tiny commitment, just six hours a year. I bet you spend that much time in just a week on Netflix.

Your friend: OK, you’re pretty persuasive. I’ll shop there and I’ll join, but how?

You: It’s so easy! Just go to the website,, or talk to a cashier at any Weavers Way store.

Your friend: You’ve convinced me. I’ll become a Weavers Believer like you.

You: Great, and tell your friends: Happiness loves company!