Hey New Members — We Have a Job (or Several) for You

Kirsten Bernal, Weavers Way Membership Manager

This month brings a significant change to our membership structure: In an effort to reinforce the value of working membership, new members will automatically receive the 5 percent Working Member discount. 

New members will get the discount for the length of their four-month work cycle. If the new household completes their workshare by then, they will continue to receive the discount for the whole year. If the workshare is not complete by the end of the member’s work cycle, the discount is turned off. 

While this does streamline our processes and simplify working membership, our hope is that this upgrade will result in more members choosing to become Working Members.

As an additional enhancement to the new member process, we have instituted automatic signup for New Member Orientations. New members are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation and will be assigned a date upon joining the Co-op. Attending an orientation session used to be required for new members, but that obligation was dropped when we opened the Chestnut Hill store seven years ago. Not surprisingly, that resulted in a decline in the number of members who actually attend orientation. 

New Member Orientations are an integral part of becoming a Co-op member. We anticipate that, by facilitating signups, we can increase the number of attendees at orientations and, in turn, increase the number of new members who become Working Members. 

Weavers Way End 5 states: “Members and shoppers will actively participate in the life of the Co-op and community.” We believe that happens when members are fully informed about what membership means and when they become Working Members. Whether supporting operations by helping out in the stores, or contributing special skills (like taking photos for the Shuttle, playing music at a special event or presenting a workshop), members enhance and enrich our community for the benefit of all. Informed Working Members are among the most engaged and committed members and help ensure the strength and vitality of our Co-op. 

Whether you are a new or long-time member, there has never been a better time to support your Co-op. Become a Working Member today!