Check It Out

Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

All Wellness and Good

Essentially, our wellness line has gotten bigger and better.

Shoppers have been buying supplements under the Weavers Way name for many years under the auspices of Reliance. But thanks to a new partnership with Vitality Works of Albuquerque, NM, Co-op-branded herbs, essential oils and tinctures can also now be found Across the Way and Next Door.

According to Across the Way Manager Lisa Whitlock (pictured), the expansion more than doubles the number of remedies under the Co-op’s label. It also means that more essential oils will be carried in the one ounce size, for a price equal to or better than the current half-ounce size from Aura Cacia. In addition, Vitality Works strives to use organic or wild-harvested raw materials in its products where possible, which Aura Cacia hasn’t been able to do for the most part.

The new tinctures replace the current Herb Pharm line. In most cases, members who prefer Herb Pharm formulas can still get them by preorder. In addition, both stores will continue to carry the Aura Cacia oils not available through the Weavers Way line, and Across the Way will still stock Gaia products.

Of course, the Weavers Way label means that members will always get 5% off their purchases of these items. But all this month, those originating from Vitality Works will be 20% off, and members still get the 5% off on top of that. So it’s a great excuse to try out a new natural physic!

Bulk & Beyond

Brewing Good is doing good for lots of critters.

The bulk coffee stations at both stores are populated with coffee roasters who specialize in fair trade, organic beans and/or sustainable packaging.

But Brewing Good Coffee Company of Savage, MD, goes a step further: Every month, they donate 10% of their profits to a nonprofit dedicated to caring for animals. Brewing Good now has three bins upstairs in Mt. Airy, featuring Ethiopia light roast, Mexico medium roast and Take Flight, a medium roast grown on bird-friendly farms.

Finds for the Furry & Feathered

Sustainable, squeaky plush from Glad Dogs Nation.

The folks at Langhorne-based Glad Dogs Nation have discovered a way to recycle the many stuffed animals we accumulate and repurpose them for actual pooches, and their toys are now available Across the Way.

Glad Dogs relies on donations of stuffies from community and school groups. They sanitize them using biodegradable laundry detergent and remove the hard eyes and noses — and the stuffing, too, you'll be glad to know. They put squeakers in some of them, and sew them back up.

The toys are priced at $2.99-$7.99, and profits go to the Glad Dogs Foundation, a nonprofit that funds animal-welfare efforts.

Bakery Bites

Add scones to the My House selection in the Hill.

You need their pies. You crave their cookies. And now, My House, of Swarthmore, Delaware County, has filled the scone void in Chestnut Hill. (They’ve been available in Mt. Airy for a while now.) Their four flavors — orange-cranberry, chocolate chip, almond and cinnamon-pecan — are delivered twice a week, along with My House’s other goodies. But if you find yourself scone-less between delivery dates, breathe easy: High Point Café scones are delivered daily to the bins on Carpenter Lane.