Resource Hub for Aging Population

Larry Schofer, Weavers Way Education Committee

Northwest Philadelphia is marked by a number of vigorous citizen-run organizations, such as Weavers Way, Northwest Village Network, Mt. Airy USA, Ralston My Way and other neighborhood organizations in West Mt. Airy, East Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, Germantown — the list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, there is an aging population that is less vocal but that sometimes needs more help. One approach is to create a resource hub that would coordinate resources for this population. Such a project has been discussed in the past but has not come to fruition. It is now being reinvigorated. The resource hub is a long-term project headed by Mt. Airy USA, based on partnerships with other organizations, including Northwest Village Network, My Way and Weavers Way

Kim Massare, director of development and community programs at Mt. Airy USA, has begun the process of planning what it actually means to have a resource center. She will discuss this question at a community meeting organized by Northwest Village Network and co-sponsored by Weavers Way at the Chestnut Hill library Wednesday, Sept. 27, 7-8:45 p.m.

Following the presentation, Northwest Village Network program committee members will query those in attendance about their needs and areas of interest, and what information they need to help them age in their own homes in the community. 

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