Boycott Dialog Underscores Co-op's Value as ‘Third Place’

First, my appreciation for your publishing Marlena Yassky Santoyo’s story on the Israel-Palestine issue. More importantly, thank you for subsequently publishing eight letters evenly divided on this complex, sensitive issue. With one exception, a reference to Ms. Santoyo’s “simplistic” view, the letters and discussion were absent the vitriolic, hateful attacks that have become the norm. While I agree with the Co-op’s position of opting to not support a boycott of Israeli products, the importance of the Co-op in allowing itself to be a public forum to its members can not be overstated. Unfortunately, we enjoy very few public places where we can offer an opinion without being vilified or ridiculed. The stated goal of the Co-op to be our Third Place is greatly enhanced by its ability to be a viable public forum.

I would like to venture a seemingly naïve, simplistic suggestion to both sides of the Israel-Palestine issue. A Holocaust memorial in Tel Aviv and an appropriate portrait of the current conditions plaguing the daily life of Palestine in Jerusalem. Possibly by sharing past and current sadness, both sides will be able to view the humanity in each other instead of just seeing the enemy.

— Mike Connor