Cooperator of the Month: Tami Nosal

Joined Weavers Way: October, 2017, after the Ambler store opened

Lives in: Flourtown, with her husband, Chris, and son, Lukas (11)

Current jobs: Tami is the writing specialist at Gwynned Mercy University in Gwynned Valley. Chris is a humanities professor at Peirce College in Center City.

Why they joined: Tami: “I’m not from here originally; I’m from northern New Jersey, and I don’t have a community around here too much. So the principles of a co-op, and the products it sells, kind of go along with what I believe in anyway…so when it was close, it was a no-brainer.”

Why they’re working members: Tami: “I like a good sale any day; anytime I can get a discount, it’s a good thing. But even being working members, so far, brought me that sense of comwmunity…I love [Ambler Front End Manager] Jaxson [Arnold]. I get to hang out with him when I do my hours.”

Co-op job history: The family has marched twice in the Ambler Holiday Parade. Tami has also helped on the front end.

Favorite Co-op products: Bassett’s ice cream (Tami and Chris are fans of chocolate; Lukas likes cookies & cream), unsalted roasted almonds in bulk, Talluto’s grilled veggie ravioli, Equal Exchange coffee. They estimate they do 75 percent of their shopping at Weavers Way.

A little Co-op love: Tami: “This is my happy place. If I need something, I would rather drive here, because I see somebody that I know….versus going to Giant and having it be too much, too big, and…cold.”

— Karen Plourde