Keep Up the Socially Conscious Content

In recent months, the Shuttle has become a vessel of conscience about important issues that put us in touch with topics that really matter, and go beyond advice about health or food choices. For instance, in the August issue:

  • An article by Jess Vorse talks about a task force that is working on increasing and promoting minority vendors. Jess closes with: “This project is only a first step in the Co-op’s efforts to be continually and authentically anti-racist.” Great, Jess!
  • An article by Sandra Folzer contains many excellent examples of environmental racism. She writes “Closer to home, the Delaware Valley Resource Recovery Center in (the city of) Chester emits more particulate matter than any other facility in the country, according to WHYY’s Radio Times.”
  • Finally, there’s this gem by Sarah Endriss: “If you enjoy reading about nature as I do, there are volumes written on the benefits of trees: improved health and well-being; lower temperatures; improved air quality and carbon sequestration; stormwater mitigation; clean water; and soil protection, to name a few.”

Keep publishing articles like these.

— William Hengst