The Paw Paws at Our Farm Are Becoming Philly Famous

Kathleen Casey, Weavers Way Development Manager

Two upcoming area TV shows will feature farm manager Nina Berryman discussing what makes paw paws at our farm special. Be sure to watch for the airing of these features on PHL17’s “Weekend Philler” and WHYY’s “You Oughtta Know.”

Not yet familiar with our paw paws? We grow them at our Roxborough farm on the property of W.B. Saul Agricultural High School. They are a native fruit with a short-lived season in late August / early September. For a couple of weeks you will find them on the shelves of all three stores and at our farm market. They taste a bit like a cross between a banana and a mango with more protein than many fruits. According to legend, chilled pawpaws were George Washington’s favorite dessert. Try one and see if you agree with the presidential praise.