Check It Out

Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

Meat & Fish Market

Martin’s sausages are just the thing for football Sundays.

The Eagles will give us much to chew on this season. But the ups and downs of the Birds might be more palatable with some Martin’s sausages on the grill. Martin’s, originally of the Italian Market and now in Mickleton, NJ, has been making sausage for three generations. They expanded a while back from a pork-only operation to include turkey and chicken sausages with ingredients like broccoli rabe, sun-dried tomato and Granny Smith apple. Through Sept. 20, all Martin’s varieties are $1 off per pound. So stock up on your faves or get out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

Goings On in Grocery

Sambar Kitchen sauces make dinner easy. And Steve’s PaleoGoods are back.

This time of year, amped-up schedules can make dinner at home close to impossible. That’s where Reading’s Sambar Kitchen cooking sauces come to the rescue. Just make some rice (you can do that the night before), sauté your protein of choice and veggies you’d like to add, and pour on one of their Indian-inspired sauces, available at both stores. Done and delicious. Want to go even easier? Try their heat and eat meals: madras lentils with eggplant and okra, channa masala, and paneer jalfreizi. All three are on the shelves in Mt. Airy, with just the first two in the Hill.

In the Hill, customers have been asking for paleo-friendly products, and so Steve’s Paleogoods have returned. Steve’s, based in Pennsauken, NJ, offers nutrient-dense bars, dried fruit, cereals and snacks that are free of gluten, refined sugars and preservatives. They’ll have their own little paleo home in the store; ask a staff person if you need help finding it.

Finds for the Furry & Feathered

Rad Cat raw food keeps it wild for Puss’ sake.

Given the choice, your kitty would rather munch on that rodent, bird or bug from the other day than anything you put in its bowl — and would digest it better too. Rad Cat raw diet food could be an improvement for everyone. New in the freezer Across the Way, Rad Cat is grain- and vegetable-free, and the meat is certified organic, free-range or pasture-raised. Choose from three flavors.

Bulk & Beyond

We’ve got more natural remedies, in (almost) their natural state. 

Pills are still king in many places, even in the natural world. But if you’d rather go straight-up herbal with your wellness, look no further than The Incredible Bulk in Mt. Airy. Eleven jars on the top row of the spice section now hold everything from vitamin C to bentonite clay to slippery elm, all from Frontier Co-op of Norway, IA. Stop by or call to find out if we have what you need. 

Sprouts aren’t medicine per se, but they are packed with nutrients. So it makes sense that Handy Pantry alfalfa sprouting seed has earned a spot along that top row of herbals. Home sprouters, we’ve got what you need right here. And can you spare some for my sandwich?