Why We Give: Equal Exchange

Franke Pondolph

Equal Exchange co-op owners at a staff retreat.

For the second year in a row, Equal Exchange is a sponsor of the Urban Farm Bike Ride, which raises money to support Food Moxie’s farm, nutrition and culinary education programs. We are so glad to join the event again this year!

At Equal Exchange, we are celebrating 30 years of creating a vibrant worker-owned cooperative that has remained true to a mission of building mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with small-scale farmers worldwide. Food Moxie and Equal Exchange are both advocates at the intersection of food, people and place, so  collaboration between our organizations is natural. Plus, it’s when we come together that we can make the biggest impact. Encouraging people to use their voices as tools for their own empowerment, and to take action to create the future they want to see both locally and globally, is a model for true solidarity and investment in real change.

We love participating in the Urban Farm Bike Ride, supporting Food Moxie and their work as well as local Philadelphia farmers. If you take in this year’s ride, we hope you love the Equal Exchange cold-brew coffee and trail mix!

Frankie Pondolph (fpondolph@equalexchange.coop) is the Equal Exchange sales rep for Pennsylvania. For more info about Equal Exchange, visit www.equalexchange.coop