Haverterns Student Spotlight

Isabella at Garden Club; Amanda taking on some ivy.

Food Moxie was thrilled to host two interns from Haverford College this summer. Isabella Gross and Amanda Friedman helped at our farm and garden sites, and also plugged into programs, working with younger kids and teens alike, and joining us at Gather for Good. Thanks for everything, Isabella and Amanda!

Isabella Gross

I was interested in Food Moxie for my internship because I have been eager to learn about the connection urban farms have to their surrounding urban areas. This internship gave me the opportunity to discover firsthand the ins and outs of an urban farm and how it can positively impact its community. The interactions I had with the communities Food Moxie works in, specifically with the children and students, were highlights of the experience for me. Being able to use the farm, not only as a source for high-quality organic produce, but also as a tool for education and job-training, was a tremendous experience.

Amanda Friedman

I first became interested in food justice during a summer program in high school. Since then, I’ve sought out more food-related experiences, like farming at a boarding school in North Carolina and working on the Real Food Challenge campaign at Haverford. So as a rising junior, I decided to intern at Food Moxie this past summer. I enjoyed helping out with Garden Club and teaching kids how to make healthy snacks with vegetables from the farm.