Our Members Know a Good Deal When They See One

Kirsten Bernal, Weavers Way Membership Manager

Together We Grow

Contribute $400 to your Weavers Way equity account, get $100 to spend at the Co-op — and help Weavers Way grow! It’s easy: 

If you were lucky enough to spend some time away this summer, you may have missed the launch of Together We Grow, our newest member equity campaign. 

Initial results suggest that members like this deal! In July alone, when we kicked it off, 75 new and existing members took part in Together We Grow, making a $400 investment in equity and getting a $100 credit in EasyPay to spend at the Co-op.

A little simple math tells us that we have added $30,000 in equity so far. The majority of these investments came from existing members. In fact, 71 of the campaign participants already belonged to the Co-op and many of those had already reached the equity cap. 

This outpouring of support has truly moved me. Sure, Together We Grow is a great deal, but people don’t just part with $400 unless it really means something to them. Yes, members instantly get $100 to spend in the store, and their equity is an investment that they can get back someday, but there is something more to it. We believe in our Co-op. Despite the individual incentive, this campaign is still about the collective. We invest in our Co-op because it matters to us, because we own it and, together, we grow it.

Fortunately, Together We Grow is not going away! We will continue to offer this great opportunity to members new and old. Together We Grow is an excellent way to strengthen your Co-op. 

Your investment is money in the bank for the Co-op and provides us with financial flexibility. More money in the bank means that we can pay down debt and cover the costs of operation. Remaining financially sound ensures that Weavers Way can keep doing what we do so well — serving our members and our community.

Whether you are joining for the first time, have been a member for a few years and have some equity in the Co-op, or are a fully vested long-time member, you are welcome to take advantage of this campaign.

I want to extend the most sincere thanks to everyone who has already taken part in Together We Grow, and an enthusiastic invitation to those who have not. As we go forward, we will continue to offer the incentive and make greater efforts to spread the word to potential members. If you have questions about the equity campaign, please contact me at member@weaversway.coop or 215-843-2350, ext. 119. If you are ready to contribute today, stop by any of our stores and make the investment at the register. Cashiers are ready to assist you and your $100 EasyPay credit will be available immediately. Alternatively, you can make the investment online, through the Online Member Center (members.weaversway.coop), and your EasyPay credit will be available to you the following day.

As we say: You own it!  Why not grow it?