Ch-ch-ch-Changes at Food Moxie

Tim Clair, Food Moxie Board Chair
Above, Jill with staff at a recent outdoor work day. Clockwise from top left: Brandon Ritter, Khari Graves, Mariah Butler, Julia Lemyre, Andrea Downie, Allison Budschalow and Jill.

Last month’s fifth annual Hoedown marked the end of a Food Moxie era. After five and a half years at the helm of the organization, Food Moxie’s Executive Director Jill Fink is moving on.

When Jill started at Food Moxie (then Weavers Way Community Programs) over five years ago, she hit the ground running. We got a new name, innovated our programming, strengthened our partnerships, and built an operating reserve. As Jill moves on, Food Moxie is in high gear for the summer, busy growing food and cooking with our program participants at Stenton Family Manor, Martin Luther King High School, and Saul Agricultural High School.

A bittersweet moment, Food Moxie is in a healthy state, supported by a strong and visionary team of staff and board members who will continue to deepen our commitment to the communities in which we work. Please join me in recognizing and thanking Jill for her time with Food Moxie. We wish her the best!

Now, let’s dig in.