Meet Haverford Intern Nicky Rhodes

What inspired you to get involved with Food Moxie? At Haverford College, I major in a program called Growth & Structure of Cities. This is an interdisciplinary study focused around architecture and urban studies, as well as people and cultures. I am passionate about sustainability and think that environmental health necessitates community well-being too. I am excited to work with Food Moxie to experience how local farming not only creates sustainable food systems but helps support communities.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? Without a doubt, my favorite vegetable is zucchini. I hope to be able to grow and share many zucchinis with the farm this summer!

Fun fact about yourself? I am an avid runner. I ran a marathon when I was in high school and am looking to run another sometime soon.

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia? Old City, especially during First Friday. I love walking around and going to the many museums, galleries and second-hand book stores. I'm excited to have the opportunity to explore more parts of the city this summer!