Cooperator of the Month: Chris Roberts

Joined Weavers Way: 2005, shortly after moving here from London.

Lives In: Chestnut Hill, a short walk from the Co-op.

Current Job: Deacon at Holy Martyrs parish in Oreland; president of the board and theology teacher at Martins Saints Classical High School, located in the former Holy Martyrs grade school.

Family Facts: He and wife Hannah have four daughters: Martha (12), Ruth (10), Sarah (7), Miriam (3). Hannah is a homemaker and home-schools Ruth and Sarah.

Why They Joined: "Agriculture and sustainable eating and sustainable economics have always been a big family theme for us…all of that is huge, and I would say, is very connected with Catholic social teaching.”

Why They’re Working Members: "We do almost all of our shopping here, so the 5% discount really matters.”

Co-op Job History: Chris has worked a lot of early morning bakery shifts in Chestnut Hill. Hannah, who now does most of their hours, has done weeding in The Backyard.

Favorite Co-op Products: Raw milk, organic food, local items in general, meat (especially the discounted items).

A little Co-op Love: "To borrow a phrase, it’s a haven in a heartless world. …If our economic system is going crazy, it is hugely important that there’s this oasis of sanity, where the workers are paid fairly, where we’re really trying to support the local economy.”

— Karen Plourde