Creekside Co-op Hits 5-Year Milestone

Patti Demchuk, General Manager, Creekside Co-op

In 2007, a group of people came together to fill a void in their community. Ashbourne Market, a longtime fixture in the neighborhood around the Elkins Park train station, had closed its doors. Empty storefronts lined the adjacent block. And so began the journey of Creekside Co-op.

It started with a meeting at the library. The planners expected 30 people and 200 showed up. The response from the neighborhood was overwhelming. 

Weavers Way Co-op helped shepherd the project with guidance and advice every step of the way and today is thought of as the big brother to Creekside. 

But the real work was about to begin. The neighborhood raised $350,000 in member loans. Bank financing was secured. And finally, in 2012, Creekside opened its doors. It has created about 40 good-paying jobs within the community, and it partners with well over 100 local farms and businesses. The neighborhood came back to life, with other small businesses filling those empty storefronts: Italian Trattoria, Alexander’s Polish Café, Park Plates casual dining restaurant, White Pines theatre company, Open Book bookstore and the Frame House, just to name a few.

Since Opening Day, Creekside has expanded all its departments, adding more and more local products — Nutty Novelty nut butters, Helen’s Pure Foods hummus and baked goods from Lochel’s, Morning Glory and High Point Café, as well as putting in a full-service butcher and an extensive prepared-foods department. Our produce department can rival any of the big stores!

We now have 1,360 active members and climbing. Creekside has a highly energized and experienced management team who bring fresh ideas and products to the table every day. 

The marketing team has done an amazing job of bringing us back to our roots and really connecting us with the community through our events: Stuff the Truck for charity, hunger awareness, family brunches and neighborhood barbecues.

As Creekside has found a place in the neighborhood, it has also found a home in the heart of those who shop here. It has become the gathering place to catch up with old friends and welcome new ones. It truly has become so much more than a local market. It is an extension of every family. 

The thing about Creekside and co-ops in general is that we are not in it to make a profit. We are in it for the sense of community and to give back both to the community and to its individual members. 

With the help of the Creekside Board and staff, Creekside continues grow and flourish. We invite everyone to come and check us out. We are member-owned but everyone can shop.

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