Eco Tip: TerraCycle Tunes into Instrument String Recycling

Marsha Low, Weavers Way Environment Committee

Calling all musicians who play a stringed instrument: Has it ever bothered you that your used strings go straight in the trash? Did you know an estimated 1.5 million pounds of instrument strings go to landfills every year? Well, here’s some good news!

TerraCycle and D’Addario have partnered to create a free recycling program for all types of instrument strings and clippings, including nylon, steel, and orchestral strings. Once collected, the metal and nylon strings are separated by type, and the metal is melted down and smelted into new metal alloys. The nylon is recycled into industrial plastic applications.

We won’t be collecting strings at Weavers Way, but you can recycle them at Vintage Instruments at Broad & Lombard streets in Philadelphia, and A & G Music Center in Drexel Hill.

In addition, you can collect and recycle strings on your own by sending them to D’Addario through a program called “Player’s Circle.” Once you sign up and recycle strings through the program, you’ll earn points toward new gear.

All the details about both programs are at this link: