Check it Out: Spooky Sweet Treats, Nice New Cheeses, and Cool Cookies and Cakes

Karen Plourde, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

Have You Seen This?

If you’re looking to move away from rainbow-colored dish soap in plastic bottles, head to our Chestnut Hill store and try out Tandi’s Naturals solid dish soap ($3.69/3.5 oz. bar). It’s made without sodium laurel sulfates, and the packaging is minimal. Tandi’s is an extension of Christina Maser candles of Lancaster. Thanks to member Michael Meng for the suggestion!

Going On in Grocery 

New Halloween treats in the Hill and Ambler. And desserts from Brittanys Natural.

It’s time to load up on snack-size sweets for the ghouls and goblins who’ll come a-knocking on October 31 — and the grownups who’ll be greeting them. For inspiration — and a couple alternative options — check out the front display near the registers, where you’ll find 27-count packages of Tony’s Chocolonely individually wrapped milk caramel sea salt chocolate pieces for $9.99. Their products are produced without slave or child labor. 

Food allergy sufferers, fear not: There are treats for you, too. Enjoy Life dairy-free dark chocolate and rice milk chocolate squares are gluten-free, kosher, vegan and halal certified. Eighteen-count packages of each are $6.99.

In Ambler, the “Scary Good Snacks” front endcap features the Tony’s and Enjoy Life selections. In addition, the bulk section has displays of Ocho organic chocolate variety packs (22 wrapped pieces) for $7.99, and Endagered Species dark chocolate bites (12  wrapped pieces) for $4.69.

“Eh, candy,” you say? Treat yourself for real with a deluxe dessert from Brittany Natural Foods, available in the front grab ‘n’ go case in Ambler. The Bethlehem-based maker of wholesome convenience foods offers six-ounce containers of chocolate mousse, tiramisu and pudding made with organic milk and cage-free eggs for ($3.59 and $3.99)

The Daily Deli

The Hill adds cheeses from Vermont and a Finnish specialty from Wisconsin.

The cheesemongers at our Chestnut Hill store have made room in the case for two selections from Jasper Hill Farm of Greensboro, VT. Alpha Tolman ($26.99/lb.) is Alpine-inspired and has a buttery flavor that gets bolder and meatier as it ages. Landaff ($24.99/lb.) is a traditional Welsh-style cheddar with a natural rind. The pieces of both in the case tend to be a third of a pound or less. 

Also new and from 1,093 miles west is Carr Valley bread cheese ($6.99 for a six-ounce package) from LaValle, WI. It’s the cow’s milk version of a Finnish cheese snack made with reindeer milk. Like halloumi, it can be grilled or sautéed, or just warmed up in the oven or microwave. 

Bakery Bites

Behold — bulk cookies in Mt. Airy. And a famed Brooklyn cheesecake now based in South Jersey.

One of the best additions to the small-but-plentiful bakery section in Mt. Airy is the lineup of bins of bulk cookies that make up part of the roll/bagel/croissant section. Selections include Swarthmore’s My House oatmeal cherry and chocolate chip cookies ($10.99/lb.), fig bars from Metropolitan Bakery ($1.69/ea.) and vegan chocolate chip cookies from Crust of Roxborough ($11.99/lb.). Paper bags are located above the roll of plastic bags for your convenience.

For more than 60 years, Junior’s Cheesecake was a pillar of downtown Brooklyn, expanding to two locations in Manhattan as well as Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Although their diner-style restaurants remain in those locations, four years ago they moved their baking operation to Burlington, NJ. As a result, their cheesecakes can now be found in Ambler.