Cooperator of the Month: Christian Fassbender

Joined Weavers Way: Late 2017, after the Ambler store opened

Lives in: Flourtown, with his wife, Jennifer, and sons James (12) and Will (9)

Current jobs: Christian runs his own painting business and is a certified strength and conditioning coach. Jennifer is program director of Invest Health, a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Reinvestment Fund that helps to develop new strategies for improving the health of residents of low-income neighborhoods.

Why they joined: “To be part of a locally-owned store that has a feeling of community….you enjoy seeing the same people, talking to the same people.”

Why they’re working members: “[We’re] trying to contribute to the success….It draws you closer, having a connection. There’s no doubt about that.”

Co-op job history: He’s helped out with $4 Friday dinners. Jennifer has done shelf stocking and James has done a shift or two as well.

Favorite Co-op products: Cheeses, Prep Foods selections, seafood, Zsa’s ice cream sandwiches. They’re regular attendees at $4 Friday dinners. Christian estimates they do 30-40% of their shopping at the Co-op.

A little Co-op love: “We’re happy to be part of it, because of the sense of community…The good thing about being here on [$4 Friday is] I get to see other people from the other stores and get to talk to them…you get a feeling for the good thing [the Co-op] is.”

— Karen Plourde