Home Delivery

Thanks to those of you who have stopped me in the store saying you liked my article (“The Ups and Downs of Home Delivery During a Pandemic,” May 2020). I appreciate your response.

I have a question and a couple of requests.

We are still inundated with orders, as only 15 customers at a time are allowed in the store in Chestnut Hill. What makes you choose curbside pickup rather than delivery? I ask because storage is limited, and some customers are erratic in picking up their order.

Also, please go outside your home and check to see if your house number is clear. You know where you live; we sometimes have to guess!

Some of you request no substitutions on your order; for health reasons we quite understand that. However, please try to give second choices when you can. We waste a lot of time ascertaining what we don’t currently have in stock among the thousands of items that we do carry.

Lastly, please check your Easy Pay balance before you order. We have had to put quite a few orders on hold until a member’s Easy Pay has enough funds. This once again makes storage a challenge. Thank you.

— Josephine Leigh, Chestnut Hill Home Delivery Staff