Try Shopping Ambler

Since the pandemic has required Weavers Way to limit the number of shoppers, I’ve chosen to shop at Ambler instead of Mt. Airy, even though I only live a few blocks away. The 20-minute ride each way is not difficult, especially with no traffic.

Ambler has a limit of 50 shoppers instead of 12 and they never come close. There’s lots of room in the store and a larger selection of items, although there are some things missing. I like Celestial Seasonings Mint Magic tea, but Ambler doesn’t have it. Parking is also very easy.

I like to think it helps ease the volume in Mt. Airy, even though I’m only one person. Of course, I used to shop five or six days a week, so that’s a bigger impact. Something to think about for Mt. Airy shoppers.

— Mike Kyle