All the Best to the Outgoing Chair of Our Board

Lisa Mosca, Food Moxie Executive Director

Tim Clair

As I mentioned last month, Food Moxie’s fall program themes are gratitude and harvest.

This month, we want to express gratitude for Tim Clair, an extremely extraordinary individual who has shared his time, talent and treasure with us.

Tim is the exiting board chair of Food Moxie. He has served on the board for the last six years and also acted as interim director during a transition. Food Moxie is only one of many organizations with which he has spent time volunteering.

I tried to recall the amount of time Tim has spent in the last two years volunteering with us, and came up with at least 1,000 hours. It’s probably closer to double that. He defines the kind of super volunteer that helps small nonprofit organizations like ours stay focused on providing excellent programs.

Tim has shared his positive energy with Food Moxie in so many ways. His decades of nonprofit leadership experience have increased our level of expertise in that area. His passion for food access and food justice for everyone has upped the degree of compassion and rigor we bring to our program work. Tim is also willing to get his hands dirty. He has volunteered for many Food Moxie garden workdays, infrastructure projects and events.

We will miss you, Tim. We are grateful to you and your family (Heather, Ivy and Sage) for all the time you have shared with us. Thank you and we wish you well.

Photos by Martha Madigan Studios