Cooperator of the Month: Kevin Randall

Lives in: Ambler, with his wife, Karen, and son, Connor (24)

Joined Weavers Way: When the Ambler store opened in October, 2017

Why they joined: “We had been wanting a better option in the area for quite a long time before that…it was exactly what we needed, and the fact that it’s really close is kind of a bonus.”

Why they’re working members: “I really love getting the opportunity to meet other people — customers as well as staff. My first job in high school was in a grocery store [and] I fondly remember my time working there.”

Previous job: He recently retired from Siemens USA, where he worked as an electrical engineer for 30 years, developing medical ultrasound machines.

Co-op job history: He enjoys bagging groceries for shoppers; the day we spoke, he was the first bagger who’d signed up for a shift since the early days of the pandemic. He mostly does all the hours for the household.

Favorite Co-op products: Fresh bagels, bulk hot peanuts, Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread. He estimates they do about two-thirds of their shopping at the Co-op.

Thoughts on the Co-op: “I like the focus on local stuff. There’s really no other grocery stores that focus on that…I just love having someplace that’s our little place and close by, and it’s very comfortable.”

— Karen Plourde