Bring Back the Chestnut Hill West

The indefinite suspension of the Chestnut Hill West regional rail line has resulted in persistent overcrowding on the 23 bus, which is one of the busiest lines. SEPTA has also been running fewer buses, resulting in crowding and unsafe conditions for riders and operators. SEPTA says they’re cutting service because of decreased ridership, but when transit is less frequent, it becomes a less desirable option, resulting in further decreased ridership.

The Philly Transit Riders Union is a rider-centric grassroots group organizing for better, more equitable SEPTA service. We’re calling on SEPTA to increase the frequency of the 23 bus, to restore the Chestnut Hill West line, and to charge the transit fare price aboard regional rail lines within Philly. So far, the SEPTA Board has ignored the rider testimony that we’ve provided showing dangerous overcrowding on the 23.

Reliable public transit is an essential part of a just response to the climate crisis, and the entire region needs SEPTA to thrive. We need you to get involved and help us advocate for safer, more frequent public transit. Join the Philly Transit Riders Union email list at, text photos of overcrowding to 267-313-6060, and call your elected officials.

— Sam Neubardt