Weavers Words

Mt. Airy Namaste

On every corner, we greet each other here,

Eyes twinkling above our masks. The smoke

Of this year fogs not our connection but rather

Gathers our glee in finding neighbors

Also out on a walk. From six feet, we fold

Hands, nod a quick bow, fill

To the brim, carry on – 

— C.A. Durham


I can’t describe the paradigm

to quench the heart and float the mind.


But what I think it best to do

is fit the foot into the shoe

that suits it like a soft, suede glove

and train the foot to practice love.

— Jan Jee Bean

The Long and Short of It

Jane was short

But our friendship long

She lived long

But her life was too short

She died in the longest night

Of the year

Her smile was sweet

My tears, salty.

(R.I.P. Jane Thomson 12/22/2020)

— Evan Meyer

Feeling Inspired? Here Are Our Guidelines:

  1. Poems must be written by you and can contain no more than eight lines.
  2. The Shuttle editor has the final say as to whether a poem is suitable for publication.
  3. The number of poems in an issue is determined by the amount of space available.
  4. Members and nonmembers are welcome to submit.
  5. Email your submissions to editor@weaversway.coop and put “Poetry submission for Shuttle” in the subject line.
  6. Preference for publishing will be given to those whose work has yet to appear in the paper.

Thanks. We’re looking forward to your creation!