Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders Seek Spring Volunteers

Tree Tenders, from left, Lynn Selhat, Mary Ann Boyer, Kathy Greely and Kelsey Fleming agree: Many hands make light work!

Chestnut Hill is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, but many of these trees have been lost to development, storms, disease and old age. New trees are needed to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood, provide homes for birds and other wildlife and decrease the effects of air and noise pollution. They will enhance the beauty of our environment for years to come.

The Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders group was formed in 2015, and has been expanding the efforts of the Chestnut Hill Green Space Initiative, a consortium of residents, business people and community organizations dedicated to the enhancement of our green spaces. Homeowners throughout Chestnut Hill have applied for and received free street trees through a joint project of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department. Our next neighborhood tree planting is coming up: Volunteers are welcome to join us Saturday, April 22 at 9 a.m. at Chestnut Hill Friends meetinghouse, 20 E. Mermaid Lane. Weavers Way members may earn work hours by participating.

If you are a Chestnut Hill homeowner with space for a tree on your street, Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders wants to know! A representative will come to your home, assess the location and identify an appropriate tree. Tree Tenders will then deliver and plant it for you for free. Applications are available now for the fall planting. If interested, contact Mary Ann Boyer at Applications for fall planting are due May 3.