Five Things ... For an Earth-Friendlier Life

We’re gentler to our planet now than when Earth Day started 47 years ago, but that's no reason to stop! Here are a few ideas for everyday sustainability from our shelves.

1. Compost fashionably — with a Norpro ceramic compost keeper (MA only). Line it with a compostable waste bag from Full Circle (Chestnut Hill) or Biobag (Mt. Airy) and you won't have to touch gushy stuff.

2. Clean your crib kindly — and effectively with nature-based solutions from Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, Ecover, Homesolv and Biokleen. You can even go local and natural with products from Volta (Germantown), Tandi’s Naturals (Lancaster) and Sun & Earth (King of Prussia). (Volta and Tandi’s only in Chestnut Hill.)

3. Clean yourself with a classic — Dr. Bronner’s soaps, available Next Door and Across the Way, are even older than Earth Day. Founded in 1948, Dr. Bronner's makes products that are organic, free trade and packaged in 100-percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. (And the labels make for great reading.)

4. Store food like a boss — with 100 percent recycled plastic containers from Preserve. And keep your veggies fresh with reusable Evert Fresh Green Bags (Chestnut Hill only).

5. Get yer dog treats in bulk — Spot says they taste better! Old Mother Hubbard all-natural and Lucky Dog (organic, made inWillow Grove) are both in bulk Across the Way.