Check It Out, Ambler Edition

The new Weavers Way Ambler is all that and a bag of chips — lentil, quinoa or plain old potato. Upgrade Numero Uno is visible upon entering the store — a café seating area, complete with a microwave, a hand-washing sink and its own cash register for grab ’n’ go purchases. Upgrade #2 is close by — a customer service desk for refunds, membership questions and other issues.

From there, the hits keep on coming — more than 10,000 square feet of retail space (more than our other stores combined), a full aisle of pet products (including a freezer), a 32-square-foot open produce case and a 25-square-foot packaged meat case, to name a few. 

The improvements to the “back of the house” — more and bigger walk-in coolers, an actual loading dock, kitchen equipment that can chill faster or keep items warm more effectively — will deliver a greater selection of our popular prepared foods.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Prepared Foods

  • Three “bars” — soup/sandwich, salad and hot. The soup bar has five “wells,” and the salad and hot bars are twice the size of Chestnut Hill’s —  plus you can walk all around them. 
  • A tilt skillet and steam kettle that will allow us to make large batches of soup and our more popular salads. Ambler Prepared Foods will be able to transfer food to Mt. Airy to ease the workload in the too-tight kitchen there.
  • A self-serve hot food case.


  • By shoppers’ request, a full-service fresh meat and seafood case. 
  • Our own house-made sausage, thanks to new meat-grinding equipment. Initially, it will only be available in Ambler, but plans are in the works to make enough to supply Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy.


  • The cheese case now fronts the counter, the better for our experts to explain cheeses to shoppers.


  • A dedicated refrigerated dessert case. (Bring on the cheesecake!)


  • Two islands of bulk bins — not as many as in Mt. Airy, but close.
  • A “sticky liquid” section that includes nut-butter grinders, maple syrup, oils and honey.


  • A separate closed case for bagged salads, herbs and microgreens.
  • A case for cut fruit (and single-serve drinks) near the registers. 


  • 65 feet of dairy space, including a rear-load case. What’s that mean for you? We can restock without being in your way while you’re grabbing a carton of milk.
  • 40 feet of freezer cases.

One more number that may amaze you:

  • 85 parking spaces just for us.