Get Cool Trees for Hot Days Ahead

by Rose Johnson, East Mt. Airy Tree Tenders Chair, and Mary Ann Boyer and Jean McCoubrey, Co-Chairs, Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders/CHCA’s Chestnut Hill ReTree

States, cities, and individuals across the country have committed to fighting climate change. How can you help? 

Plant trees! 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. Through shading and evaporation, trees create natural cooling, reducing the need for air conditioning and thus limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to their positive impact on the environment, trees provide numerous financial, social and health benefits to the community. Studies show property values are higher along tree-lined streets. Trees absorb and block sound, reducing noise pollution and providing inviting areas for recreation and relaxation. They have a calming effect that reduces stress and improves concentration. And by absorbing many particulate pollutants, trees may reduce the incidence of asthma.

Some parts of our area are well populated with stately old trees. But urban trees don’t live as long as trees in forests, and many of our trees are aging. Meanwhile, other parts of our area are relatively bare, often from having lost trees over time that have not been replaced. 

Tree Tenders groups, including the East Mt. Airy Tree Tenders and Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders, partner with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to plant and care for street trees. Applications are being accepted now for trees to be planted in Spring 2018, and the groups are looking for volunteers to participate in the Fall Planting on Saturday, Nov. 18. 

Homeowner Mary Pomichter received her street tree through Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders. "It looks beautiful and creates shade in an area that was bare,” she says. “We are happy to support efforts to keep our neighborhood green." Homeowner Harold Hayes, who is scheduled to receive a tree this fall from East Mt. Airy Tree Tenders, said, “We used to have more trees on the block, but they just haven’t been replaced." 

Here's who to contact to apply for a free street tree or volunteer for a planting:

Applications can also be submitted online. Go to Upon approval, Tree Tenders will plant your tree next April. You’ll be helping to further green our community and preserve the planet!