Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at the Ambler Store

Marsha Low, for the Weavers Way Environment Committee

Thanks to Weavers Way Facilities Manager (and Environment Committee member) Steve Hebden for this information.


  • Meat and seafood service cases generate less plastic packaging!
  • All electricity used in the building is sustainable, from wind, solar or other renewable sources.

Energy use:

  • LEDs are used for all building lighting.
  • Automatic doors and air curtains in the vestibule save energy.
  • The refrigeration system is a rack of 6 compressors instead of 24 individual compressors. The system will capture the heat it generates and use it to heat hot water and in the winter, the building itself.
  • All open refrigerated cases have built-in "night covers."
  • All refrigerated cases and walk-in boxes have ECM fan motors, which are much more efficient than ordinary ones.
  • The refrigerated cases have zero-energy doors that do not have heating elements in the frame.
  • The freezer display doors have heater controls that turn the heater off when not needed.
  • All newly installed windows have double panes.
  • All lights, including the display lights, will turn off automatically after staff exits the building in the evening.


  • Reclaimed lumber was used on interior facades and will be used on the exterior facade.
  • The tile flooring contains recycled materials.
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint was used.


  • Single-stream recycling will be implemented throughout store operations,
  • During construction, all debris was sorted, recycled when possible (metal, wood, and concrete, for example) by the hauling company.