NEI Committee Survey Generates a Range of Ideas

David H. Collins, Weavers Way New Economy Incubator Committee

In October 2020, 300 Weavers Way members completed the “New Ideas Survey,” which was created by the New Economy Incubator Committee.

The intention of the survey was to uncover new ideas that might prove helpful to our members and people in our area who are most in need during the current pandemic. The hope is that these ideas can be turned into focused actions for good — now and for our future.

Overall, 301 new ideas were generated. They fell into nine focus areas: local business ideas, assistance services, community/experience center projects, youth improvement/growth opportunities, environmental/culture centers, resource centers, co-op options, social justice/integration efforts and food concerns.

Here are the net range of ideas:

  1. An array of local business ideas: meal planning and delivery; home baking and “cottages” supported network; maker space/large, safe workshop co-op
  2. Assistance services: services for the seniors; bicycles; computer/tech; transport; home repairs; advisory services, including legal; cost reductions on utilities; resource guides
  3. Community and experience centers and projects: art; culture; ways to gather safely; community cooking; music; conversation; share; eat; love
  4. Youth improvement and growth: financial skills; art together; tutoring; home-school clearinghouse; safe childcare; second-hand books and games
  5. Environmental and culture centers: composting, gardening, and advice; food waste initiatives (big interest); surplus to the needy; real recycling; nature moments
  6. Resource centers: local business showcase; bartering center; tool lending; matching services concierge; exchanges, including clothes, advice, home stuff, “extras”
  7. Co-op central: space and support for creation, education, counseling services; food for the poor; teachings and classes; local product days; bulk shopping; one-time coupons; “Happy Days”
  8. Social justice/integration efforts: reach and connect urban and suburban populations; share working models; promote black-owned businesses; healthy worker services; first responder benefits; co-op healthcare offerings; health and wellness services; integrated living co-ops; food to the hungry
  9. Food concerns: vegetarian or vegan center; group baking location; home cooking goods, services and guides; sustainably sourced options clearly noted and offered

In addition, 70% of survey takers are interested in our Committee providing unbiased perspectives on economic issues, and 55% are interested in learning more about worker-owned co-ops.

Over the next several weeks, our New Economy Incubator Committee will look for ways to incubate direct actions from key ideas surfaced here. We look forward to sharing how these ideas turn into actions in the months to come.