South Philly Co-op Looks to Open This Month

Top: The front door at South Philly Food Co-op; Bottom: A cash register at SPFC, ready to ring up shoppers.

Despite COVID-related delays and re-imposed restrictions in Philadelphia through the new year, South Philly Food Co-op is still looking to open later this month, according to recent communications from Lori Burge, SPFC’s general manager.

“I am proud to announce that our opening is finally within sight after 10 years of hard work and dedication,” Burge wrote in a Nov. 23 email. “Having an incredible community of friends, board members, partners, staff and members who have helped us every step of the way makes opening a grocery co-op during a global pandemic easier and so much more rewarding.”

In a Nov. 19 press release, Burge said that while the city’s Safer at Home mandate, which went into effect on Nov. 20, didn’t directly affect grocery stores, it would slow the final stages of renovations at the co-op. Most prominent among those is getting the floor resealed, which is required in order to comply with Health Department regulations. Once that work is done, the co-op can schedule an inspection with the Department of Licenses and Inspections and the Health Department,

As of last month, completed projects at the co-op, located on Juniper Street near the intersection of Snyder Avenue, included a sliding door, vestibule doors and the installation of shelves. In addition, they have received their bulk display and are working on store signage. Due to the ongoing pandemic, their grand opening will be a soft one.

“Co-ops are more important now than ever before,” Burge continued. “We look forward to being a community hub that provides our neighbors of all income levels access to fresh, local and sustainable groceries.”

— Karen Plourde