Cooperator of the Month: Neil Beresin

Joined Weavers Way: 1993, with his wife, Anna.

Lives In: West Mt. Airy

Current Job: After many years of working in older adult services in Kennett Square, he’s moved into hospital chaplaincy, with an emphasis on hospice work. He’s almost completed a first-level training course at Einstein Medical Center. (Anna is a liberal arts professor at the University of the Arts; she teaches courses in child development and folklore.)

Family Facts: Three sons: Noah, 27; Matti, 24, and Gabe, 21.

Why He’s a Working Member: "It gives you a front-row view of the food you eat, and it builds community.”

Co-op Job History: Mt. Airy store cleanup (three hours credit for two hours of work!), pasta pickup in South Philly, bulk packing. Gabe, who’s done the most hours of the boys, loves to work on the farm. Neil enjoys working the floor.

Favorite Co-op Products: Locally grown produce, bread (especially day-old), bulk items (Daisy flour, raisins, balsamic vinegar, tamari almonds). He especially enjoys Metropolitan original granola and Wholesome Dairy yogurt, which he has for breakfast every day. He regularly brings the granola to friends and family when he visits western Massachusetts, where one of their sons is in school.

Yo, Norman! Neil loves your Suggestions column in the Shuttle, and looks forward to the launch of your standup comedy career. He sees himself as an early investor if you need Kickstarter funding.

A Little Co-op Love: “The Co-op for us always will be one of the most special organizations that we live inside of. And I say that because it’s so rare to co-own something. We need to survive and thrive, but we’re not trying to make lots of money for stockholders. And that means so much.”

— Karen Plourde