Local Business Lends Food Moxie a Hand (Yours Can Too)

United Healthcare recruits wield the tools of volunteerism.

As part of a partnership with Food Moxie, 16 volunteers from United Healthcare of Pennsylvania helped spruce up Hope Garden at Stenton Family Manor and Hope Farm at MLK High School. Many of the tasks UnitedHealthcare volunteers undertook ­— such as clearing a fence line and tending to weeds — were projects that our farmers and educators aren’t able to get to given their other daily responsibilities. 

Food Moxie helps build healthy communities by connecting people to the Earth and their food, which is directly in line with UnitedHealthcare’s mission of helping people live healthier lives. A 2010 study conducted by UnitedHealthcare on the health benefits of volunteering found that when people work together, they build social connections based on shared values, which creates a stronger, more connected community. And, of course, the actual work done by volunteers is often directly related to the health of people and organizations in the community,.

This volunteer effort was part of Food Moxie’s emerging Corporate Volunteer Program. To learn more about how your business can help Food Moxie grow, cook, and learn together, contact Development Director Allison Budschalow at allison@foodmoxie.org.