Check It Out: Candy Is Dandy

by Karen Plourde, Weavers Way Communications Staff

Bulk & Beyond

Candy is dandy, especially this month. 

Most of us larger folk would get little more than a cold stare if we showed up on a stranger’s doorstep and screamed “Trick or Treat!” on Oct. 31. Thankfully, we can treat ourselves to delectable autumn delights from Marich Confectionery in all three stores. 

Ambler and Mt. Airy have packed out a Halloween select mix of foil-wrapped pumpkins, taffies and licorice shapes for $8.99/lb., while supplies last. For the grownup palate, our bulk shoppers have also put together containers of Marich triple-chocolate toffees ($11.99/lb.), and chocolate chai and Halloween fall caramels for $9.99/lb. Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill have pumpkin spice caramels (yummy!) for $9.79/lb. The Hill also carries the fall caramels and foil pumpkins by themselves.

New, sweet and destined to be around for a while on Carpenter Lane and Butler Avenue are SunRidge Farms mini-peanut butter cups ($5.99/lb.). Be forewarned: They’re dangerously delicious.

All Wellness & Good

New flavors of mushroom-based hot drinks Next Door. And did you know there’s bulk shea butter in Ambler?

Remember how Mom always told you to drink your mushrooms? No? Well, there are those in the wellness community who believe that drinking mushroom-infused beverages is a convenient and effective way to reap their health benefits. In that spirit, Next Door has added two flavors to their line of Four Sigmatic organic mushroom drinks — Golden and Chai lattes. Those, and the four other varieties Next Door carries, are available in single-serve packets.

Organic shea butter in bulk has been available in the Ambler Wellness Department since the store opened last year — and yet, hardly anyone seems to know. It’s on a back endcap across from the Boiron homeopathic remedies and is made by Vermont Soapworks of Middlebury. Containers are available on the shelf above the tub, and there are always a few premade packages available. Cost is 62 cents/oz. 

Bakery Bites

Decadent sweets from Wildflour Bakery. And fresh bake-at-home pies in Ambler.

Our new cornbread supplier is now doing double duty, providing us with single-serve treats as well. Selections from Wildflour Bakery of Holmesburg include extra-large cookies, brownies, carrot cake squares with cream-cheese filling and thick slices of vegan banana bread. Thus far, they’re in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill, and soon in Ambler.

While you’re waiting, check out a new pie option on Butler Avenue: apple and cherry pies from Willamette Valley Pie Co. of Salem, OR. They’re shipped frozen and then stored in the bakery cold case at the end of the produce department. Pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes and they’re ready for your fork, favorite topping and a steamin’ cup of joe.