Something Scary Is Happening at Henry Got Crops

Something has changed for the 8th annual Harvest on Henry Farm Festival

Saturday, Oct. 27, 3-7 p.m.
Henry Got Crops Farm, 7095 Henry Ave., Roxborough (at Saul High School)

— it’s become —


Join us for pumpkin painting, live music, food and games for all ages. Saul students are busy helping get ready for this haunted night of fun. The Farm Market will be open with plenty of apples, pumpkins and all the apple cider doughnuts you’ll need for celebrating fall on the farm

— and getting over your —


How did our festival become haunted? Here’s the legend:

Farmer Walter and his brother Henry grew up on Saul Farm and worked the fields since they were young, just as their ancestors did for the last 100 years. 

Walter was strong, tall and beloved by the customers who came to the market each week. He’d chat, and make jokes as he helped run the cash registers and then hustle back to continue his work on the farm. 

Henry was brilliant. Even as a child, he was always taking farm machines apart to try to make them work better — and make the farm work easier, because Henry was also much smaller than his brother. Nor did he have Walter’s winning personality; he lacked the patience and desire to mingle with customers. Their parents did not approve. They demanded that Henry go out and do the work the way they had always done it. 

Not able to keep up with his brother, Henry would often miss dinner and be in the fields until dark. Sometimes, once the sun went down, Henry would steal into his machine shop and bring his inventions out to do the work. He would simply program them to come back before sunrise to keep his secret safe. 

Early one morning, Walter caught a glimpse of the farm monsters. He threatened to tell if Henry did not build more monsters to do his work as well! So the two kept the secret and Walter soon became known as the best farmer in the city. But the increased business meant that Henry ended up working harder than ever — and a deep tension built slowly between the two brothers. 

Then one day, something went wrong...
... but you’ll have to come Oct. 27 to find out what happened! 

— Saul students told this tale. Weavers Way Farms Manager Nina Berryman and Nicole Yodice, Henry Got Crops CSA shareholder, wrote it for the annals.