David’s TED Talk Offers Valuable Insights

Dr. Susan David’s TED talk from 2018 on Emotional Agility offers beautiful insight as to how to live fully.

One of the best ways to be fully alive is to be connected to one’s feelings. They are the source of psychic information, which informs and influences the choices we make. However, too often, our feelings got squashed in our youth and so we live, separated from what we truly feel. Thus, we have difficulty knowing what we truly think.

Are you one of those people who conveys positivity but suffers alone on the inside? Or are you one of those people who expresses her complaints and concerns easily but doesn’t feel ‘heard’? Or are you truly happy?

It takes time and effort to regain that connection to our selves. You might ask, is it worth the effort?

In her talk, David says that being connected to our emotional selves allows us to generate the best pathway for our lives. You can access her presentation at www.ted.com/speakers/susan_david.

—Claudia Apfelbaum