A Public Forum and BYO Day: The PRTF Gears Up for the New Year

Alisa Shargorodsky, Weavers Way Sustainability Consultant/Chair of PRTF

When we set New Year’s resolutions, we’re creating guidelines to improve our lives, find more joy, and take better care of ourselves and the people we love. This results in growth and increased empowerment. Individuals can do this, and so can co-ops.

I can’t speak to all of the things going on at the Co-op, but I do know there’s a massive push toward improved environmental sustainability. We can see this in small and big ways, including an almost-zero waste Mt. Airy Village Fair, new shampoo bars at Across the Way and other initiatives set to debut this year.

The Co-op’s Plastic Reduction Task Force is helping to roll out several new projects in the first half of 2020. Until we can make some announcements, we have some events and initiatives to keep you busy this winter. They include:

  • Sustainability Week, March 2-6: This week will introduce our new official monthly discount day, BYO Day, on Wednesday, March 4. BYO Day replaces the Weigh It Wednesday events from last spring and summer. Bring your own bags/containers/jars for all of your bulk foods, and you’ll get 10% off your entire bulk purchase.

As part of BYO Day, we’ll also sell reusable bags at a 10% discount. We encourage you to be patient with cashiers on this day, as everyone builds on the BYO habit.

  • 2nd Annual PRTF Public Forum, Wednesday, March 25, 7-9 p.m.: Last year, 80 community members came out to discuss how we can reduce our reliance on plastic at the Co-op, and we want this year’s forum to grow even more. We have a lot of opportunities for you to get involved. Location TBD.

Also keep an eye out for these ongoing initiatives:

  • Jar Library (all three stores): Bring your cleaned-out glass jars so others in the community can use them in the bulk department. You can take a jar any time, as well. A few key rules before adding jars:
    1. They must be glass.
    2. They must be free of labels (Here’s a pro tip from Pamela Hipp of PRTF: Soak the jar in hot water for a few hours, then use a metal scrubby and coconut oil to remove tough labels.)
    3. Make sure the lid actually fits the jar and that it is secure.
    4. Tare the jar (weigh it empty) and write its weight on the label.
  • Bag Library (Ambler store only): We know you have extra reusable bags at home, and we will happily take them off your hands. Feel free to make use of the library in Ambler, and return any bags you use to keep us stocked.

We’ll be launching a sustainability page on the Co-op’s website soon, so you’ll be able to stay in the loop. Reach out any time with questions or ideas at PRTF@weaversway.coop.