Run For Our Board 2020, Part 2: Still Considering? An Info Session’s the Place to Start

David Woo, Weavers Way Leadership Committee


  • Attend the Weavers Way Board meeting Feb. 4 at the Chestnut Hill Community Centre, 8419 Germantown Ave. (conference room)
  • Attend an informational session for candidates:
    • Tuesday, Jan. 21 in Mt. Airy (555 Carpenter Lane)
    • Wednesday, Jan. 22 in Chestnut Hill (Chestnut Hill Community Center, 2nd floor board room, 8419 Germantown Ave.)
    • Thursday, Jan. 30 in the Café at Weavers Way Ambler
  • Submit a ballot nomination by Feb. 28 with a written statement and a high-resolution photo.

More information is available at

In the 1970s, our founders decided that term limits would apply to the Board of Directors. I’ve wondered why when I first joined, since turnover results in a loss of institutional memory when directors are term limited and must leave board service for at least a year before being allowed to run again. In my Board service, I’ve come to learn that this historical limit has benefited the Co-op with new and fresh ideas, since it requires new leadership to step up and serve. 

There have been glitches in the past where there were many board slots, but not many candidates and board directors were appointed to fill vacancies. But overall in my couple decades as a member, this system has allowed people who ran for the first time a shot at actually being elected, without having to overcome incumbent momentum. There is much pressure on the Leadership Committee to seek out and recruit candidates capable and willing to serve (who know that there is a chance the members may not elect them). We need an educated and enlightened leadership to guide this increasingly complex business to a place where our paid staff can meet our mutual needs with the efficiency we all want. 

Our many committees are an excellent jumping-off point to learn about the Co-op’s culture and to be a better prepared Director who can pick up the governance duties needed to keep Weavers Way a viable and sustainable enterprise. Committee service is not a hard and fast prerequisite to run. Rather, an interest in the success of our Co-op, a willingness to learn, and an ability to clearly communicate so that our members understand you are here to serve and execute the will of the membership can get you elected. 

Weavers Way board members receive no compensation. They are required to attend regular monthly meetings and to serve on board committees. The amount of hours required varies from a few hours a month for at-large directors to a few hours a week for board officers. We have adopted Policy Governance as a means to waste less time and to refrain from interfering with operational and business issues. Our job is to deliberate and to outline what kind of personality and character this living entity will express to the public.